Thank you for your interest in the Suddenlink Customer Panel! 




The survey is easy to complete. First, we are going to make sure you qualify to become a Panel Member. Then, we will ask you to answer questions in order to create your Member Profile.


Please take your time when filling out this survey to ensure that your Member information is accurate. Your Member profile will be used to determine which future research studies you are best suited to.


Members participate in future surveys and other research used to help Suddenlink optimize its services and the customer experience. Participation in future studies may include cash incentives, gift certificates, or sweepstakes drawings (depending on the size of the study).


The Suddenlink Customer Panel and this survey are administered on behalf of Suddenlink by an independent research company, The Link Group.


Please note that you will be asked to supply your Suddenlink account number for verification purposes. For this reason, it may be easiest to take this survey when your account number is easily accessible.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact The Link Group at 



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